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"My art is everything around me. Whatever I pick up."
Jill is a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, CSPWC
Avignon France, CSPWC exchange, August, 2018

Helson Gallery, Ontario, June, 2018, CSPWC

Open Water 2017, CSPWC, Toronto

Open Water 2015, CSPWC, Halifax

Open Water 2013, CSPWC, Calgary

Open Water 2011, CSPWC, Toronto

Corridor Gallery group exhibit with VANS

Craig Gallery, group exhibition with Dartmouth Visual Arts.

Dartmouth solo exhibits at private address


Open Water, Curry's DaVinci Watercolour Award, John B. Aird Gallery, CSPWC, 2011

Honorable Mention, Agora Gallery, New York, 2015

Sloan Award, 2017, John B. Aird Gallery, CSPWC Open Water

WIN_20191112_11_51_23_Pro (2).jpg

  Though art is a part of me that I can't live without, so too is my family. My husband Andy, sons, Rick, Jordan, Matthew & Jarod and two adorable grandsons. A lot of the time, they are the inspiration for what I do. 

  I have always drawn, I don't remember anything else. I posted a picture of Holly Hobbie. This was the first picture I drew looking at something with the intent to duplicate it. I don't know why I tried, or why this was what I wanted to draw. I was maybe 9 or 10. (younger people may need to look that up!) It was the start of a whole new world for me. I drew everything I saw, everything I remembered that I saw, and I've never stopped. 

  I began illustrating children's books in 1997 which was an interesting new adventure. Though I'm a closet writer and working on some projects of my own. 

  A great highlight of my career so far has been to travel to France in 2018 as one of the juried CSPWC artists to take part in the France/Canada exchange. Visiting the ochre fields and being inspired by the art and landscape will always be a treasured memory.

  I starting painting initially with oils, then acrylics and started a portrait business with chalk pastel as my medium. I picked up watercolour about 25 or so years ago and never looked back. It's by far my favourite medium. I love that it can be loose or tight and detailed.  I dabble in bits of everything. If it's something you can create from I do it, this is where the glass started. It began as one piece for a Christmas gift, then snowballed. 

  I hope you enjoy seeing what I do and share. Please leave comments or feel free to contact me with any questions.


  Thank you, Jill

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