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What am I up to?

Well, isn't that a question! Managing time. That is the true question I think we all ask ourselves. I essentially have two places I want my time to extend to. One being painting and art, developing my card line for sure, which I will explain more of shortly, and the other being glass engraving. Of course, there are family and house and meals and all the fun stuff we have in our everyday. So, in saying that, I request an extra day or two to be added to the week! No?!?!

The interesting thing was, I started in a room in our house, then it expanded to another room, then, yes, another room. Hmmmm. Decision was made, take over downstairs! I wish I could get the rhythm down for keeping both of my passions/jobs up to date. Paintings, commissions, card art, and the glass cutting with commissions and the market and wholesale. I'm really not very good at dividing it up! Painting days, glass cutting days. Easy.

Anyone who might have some advice on all of this, feel free to send me the answer to the dilemma!

The thing I know is, I love doing all of the above!

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